Who's Your Daddy? Part 3


Part 3
Kevin turns and grabs some lube and a condom. He lays on his back as I put on the condom, lube up my cock and fingers and place a finger in his waiting ass. He's tight, and my finger pops in and squeezes out. I then get my cock and slowly push it in. He mentions that he hasn't been fucked in a long time and we take it slow. Then we switch, to make things easier with him on top and me on my back.  He guides me in and we're kissing, fucking slowly. Then he grabs me, and turns so again I'm on top of him.

It was very hot, and he was obviously past the pain and quite into the pleasure as was I. Again, he mentions that he's going to cum soon so I pull out and take off my condom and again lay next to him as we're jerking off. We're both real close, and he says he wants to taste my cum.  I'm pumping my cock and I'm ready to cum, I tell him as he leans down as I shoot loads of hot cum on his face and mouth. He also cums a second later.

After we wiped up, we chatted a little more. I had very little time, and wanted to just lay there with him..all day if I could and he seemed very comfortable with me too.

Eventually, I had to go, so we got dressed and he walks me to the door.

"You're very hot." I hope we can do this again" I tell him.
"You too, and yes, we'll defintiely talk" he responds.



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