Craigs Crazy


I really don't understand Craigslist and it's very frustrating.

You look on there, and you see lots of the same type of guys posting..and most of them are the same one's over and over again. The whores, the rub-and-tug guys, the fuck me now guys...the gross, the ugly, the nasty....

I've tried to use CL. Now, when I try and post, I get rejected because they want me to enter a phone number for verification. Since that number was associated with another account - I get rejected. How do these other guys post time after time, the same guys, the same posts, the massage guys..the guys asking for money, and I can't post one legitimate post!

Then, if I finally get a post online, I get flagged, or ghosted. Why? Who knows..I'm too specific I guess. I list everything..all my stats, and list what I'm into. Relationship oriented..and list what I'm looking for in another guy stats-wise.

That gets me flagged....then, I see the other posts that get through..guys looking for money, quick sex, nasty unsafe sex, guys who post time and time again without getting flagged. They're prostitutes and axe murderers.

Makes you wonder what Craig's beef is with normal, relationship oriented guys.

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