Hottest Sex Ever


I called a guy I was chatting with on Grindr, at his urging. I was reluctant at first, because, well, first, it means I have to find some alone time at work, step out or something, and also, the first time I called someone from Grindr they asked how much I would pay him for sex. When I told him not only wouldn't I pay, and I wouldn't bother to charge him either. ;) That ended that conversation.

This other guy seemed nice. He's married, 27 years old, 5'11" and 160 lbs. Little by way of pics, so I'm hesitant, but I call.  We chat a little about different things, our marriages, when we knew we were into guys, our experiences, and past relationships.

"What was the hottest sex you ever had?" he asks.
"Listen, I'm not into phone sex. If you've got your cock in your hands, and are looking for me to talk to you to get off, I don't want to be involved." I say.
"No" he laughs. "Just asking. Want to know. I mean, yea, I've got my cock in my hand, but this isn't about phone sex. I've had my cock in my hands all day." he says.
"Well to me sex is only great if you care about someone. I've had lots of sex with lots of guys...the hottest sex wasn't necessarily because of the what we did, but how we got there." I explain.

"I used to date a guy. We dated for over 2 years, and broke up about a year ago. We were, and still are very good friends, worked out together, lunches, dinner, and we went away a lot together." I explained to him the situation, the guy my readers all know as Ross.

"The hottest sex we had was when we went away somewhere. It was probably the first time we were away, without anyone else, other people that worked with him. I forget the place, Indiana, Wyoming, didn't matter..but, it was a place that nobody knew us, nobody recognized us. We could act and do what we wanted, and nobody would ever know except him and I." I went on...

"We checked into our hotel, and it was late, so we changed into shorts, and we quickly headed to dinner. We picked out a big round table booth in the back of the restaurant, ordered our drinks and proceeded to get totally wasted as we talked, ate and laughed.  The waitress kept coming over, bringing us more drinks and we kept drinking. We talked and were at ease with each other..comfortable, having a great time. We were sitting close..close enough that our bare legs could touch. Sometimes our arms touched..but, more than the physical touching was the mental and emotional connection that was made that night."

"We actually couldn't finish our drinks at the restaurant and got "to go cups"..which was kinda funny. We took a cab back to our hotel and spent our first full night next to each other in bed, making out, having sex and laying incredibly close till morning."

I continued: "The best sex I ever had began in public in that restaurant and continued hours later in a hotel room next to someone I really cared about."

"Wow" he said. "That's incredible!."

Yes it was.


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