Lost and Found


I'm no computer genius..it's kinda trial and error here at the executive offices of BLM.  Well, finally, I've figured out how to make a favicon. If you don't know what that is it's short for "favorite icon". I've made mine..and you can now see it on my site up to the left of the web address (see the BLM?)
Nice huh?!  Always finding ways to make my blog distinct..different and exciting to view. It just may take a little longer than the rest!

Anyway..back to today's post...

I figured, let bygones be bygones, right?

It's been weeks since I've spoken to Kevin. Last he said that he wanted to hang out again, but that his place wasn't available anymore. But, shit, it's been months since I've seen his amazing body or been in that hot ass of his. So, I decided to send him a text message.

See, it looked like he was avoiding me for some reason. HE wasn't on Grindr anymore, deleted his A4A account and just kinda disappeared. All this after things were going so well!

When I text him, he responds..and it was all good.

"Where have you been?" I asked.
"Busy with school and all." he says. "But I miss you."
"Great..well, when do I get to see you again?" I ask.
"Well, like I said, my place is hard to get anymore."
"So how about we get a motel" I say giving him no excuse.
"That would work, you want to hang tomorrow?" he offers
"Yea, for sure."
"OK, and if my place becomes available, we could go there." he says.

Great..so now..hopefully..some hot quality ass is back on the agenda.

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