Let's Get Physical 1


It was time for my yearly physical. I'm pretty good about setting it up and being on top of my health. My doctor, a few years older than me, also is a good guy..we have a nice rapport going..and I know him for many, many years.

I sit in the examination room and he opens the door..calling me by my first name, smiling and shaking my hand. Asks about work, the family, and how I'm doing in general.

"I'm good...but do you mean..health-wise..or are we still talking generalities?" as I chuckle.
"Yea, how are you feeling?" He asks.
"I'm really pretty good. I don't feel bad really..other than the aches and pains of getting older..my knees hurt, wrists..you know.."

He gives that knowing nod as he types in his computer...
"But, there are a few things..like..my weight. I can't understand..I don't eat crap..can't tell you the last time I had ice cream, never eat fast food, hardly drink alcohol at all..I work out religiously 5 days a week, was going twice a day until softball season started..now I'm doing that twice a week. The weight just doesn't come off."

"What weight?" he says.
"Well, I know I'm not fat, but, I want to lose 5-10 pounds..and I'm stuck. No matter what I do." I say.
"It's all eating less and exercising more..." he says.
"Exactly..I know that. But all that's not working."
"Well, tonight's my poker night.. We're drinking, eating chips and dip and probably going to have some vanilla Swiss almond ice cream. I don't work out as much as you do, although I do run...and I don't have a problem. First I think you're crazy that you want to lose weight, second I think you're crazy that you don't eat the stuff you want to, and third..maybe it's your thyroid. So, we'll check that with your blood work."
"OK." I say.

So, maybe there's an answer...If I did have a thyroid problem, I'd feel like there is a reason why I can't lose these last 5-10 pounds. Maybe if that gets addressed...it'll fall off.

Anyway...he asked about my pee, my shits, my erection..all going well..then he stuck his finger up my ass.

Jeez...doesn't anyone buy you dinner anymore before violating you?

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