Let's Get Physical 2


One of the other things I spoke to my doctor about during my physical was my memory..or lack thereof.

I'm jealous of guys who can repeat word for word a scene in a movie..or TV show..("Remember that Seinfeld?)"or remember a funny time that happened in college like it was yesterday..the weather, the people there, what they were wearing, where they were..all the details. Me? I can't remember what I ate for breakfast (and it's only 9:00 am)!

I do think part of my memory problems have to do with me not caring. You know, my wife saying "I told you we had this appointment yesterday, don't you remember?" Of course I don't ..it's called selective hearing.  Or people introducing themselves and me forgetting their names....

But, there are other times when I get frustrated..almost scared that I cant remember someone..or something. It's more than mixing up my kids names - calling one the others name (I think everyone does that)..it's like..people I know..for years..and sometimes, the name just escapes me..or not remembering where I parked the car at the mall..or which way I came from when I walk out onto the city street so I can head back to the subway. Sometimes, I walk out, look left, look right..and I'm downright scared that things just don't look familiar to me.

Sometimes, someone asks me specifics about something (Not work, work seems to be fine memory-wise). They ask for directions (I cant remember street names) or I'm at a party..and I'm talking to someone about an actor..and couldn't remember his name.."You know..that guy..the guy with the big deep voice..the black guy..god, it's on the tip of my tongue..Star Wars..- YES! that's it..thanks..James Earl Jones!"

Is that normal? Normal for a 48 year old to be a little forgetful? My doctor, who is a few years older than me says he doesn't have any issues with his memory, that even though he's older..he hasn't noticed a change.  That the fact that I've noticed..makes it something worth looking into.

He gave me the name of a neurologist..I don't know if I'll call. It's almost..almost scarier to know than not. Anyway, I can't even remember where I put the number... ;)

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