Moving On


I had moved on a while ago. Ross and I hadn't been wise in a long time. We chat a lot online..and I had been with other guys since breaking up with him, but, the topic..never came day...

Ross: "So, meet anyone?"
Me: "Meet?"
Ross: " have you met anyone?"
Me: "Well, the mail man just came into my office."
Ross: " know what I meant"
Me: " one permanent"
Ross: "No?"
Me: "Nah, it's hard to find"
Ross: "Yea, I know. Well I met someone on my last trip"
Me: "Really? Nice."
Ross: "Maybe I shouldn't tell you..."
Me: "No, it's cool."
Ross: "Yea, he's cool.Very nice, but he lives a long way away. Not going to become anything.."
Me: "Well, long distance relationships can be hard."
Ross: "Thanks. Was weird though. We went out for drinks and all I could think about!"
Me: "Me? lol..well..that's normal..I mean as long as you didn't scream out my name in the throws of passion!"
Ross: " did think about you."
Me: "Well I often think about you too. We had some very strong feelings for each other. So it's natural."
Ross: "I suppose..."

...and with that we talked some more about work and other stuff. Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks, we're going to grab a bite to each and catch up some more.

But, I guess, Ross has moved on.  Good for him...I was being honest when I said he deserved it and was happy for him.

Except, I don't know that I need to know about all his happiness!

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