Return Engagement


I chatted a guy up on Grindr. He's got a great body pic on there. Asian, 32yo, 6', 175 lbs. After chatting, we exchange some face pics and I recognize him. I used to hang with him a long time ago. Usually, our meetings were scheduled as massages and we'd often end up jerking each other off at the end.

I tell him that I recognize him and after sending him my face pic he asks what happened to me.

"If I recall, I just never heard from you again." he says.
"Yea, that was a long time ago." I respond. "Lot's of things happened."

He invites me over and when I pull up to his house, he's outside, and so is another person, sitting on his step. I say hello and follow him to his apartment in the house. I go up these incredibly steep stairs to his side of the's a little creepy, and I remember his last basement apartment also kinda skeeved me out. WE enter his air conditioned room and he sits on his bed.

"So, what did happen to you? he asks.
"'s gotta be a long time..maybe 4 or 5 years, right?" I ask
"Yea, about 5 years" he says. "But I remember you were hot.."
"Well, I had a boyfriend for about 3 1/2 years" I tell him. "Honestly, I don't remember it being an intentional blow-off..just things got involved with him" I explain.

He laughs and remembers too: "I remember the last time we hung out, we were jerking off and you said don't shoot on your chest..and not only did I shoot on you, but I think I hit your face and eye. Maybe that freaked you out." he said.

"That's possible" I laugh. "I was freaked out by some things back then."

He taps the bed and I undress and lay down for my massage. He also undressed and massages me and does a good job, and it's very relaxing. He reaches between my legs and feels if I'm getting hard..and I am.

Eventually, I turn over and he rubs the front, and then sucks my cock. Soon, he's laying next to me and we're both jerking off.

Yea, it was nice to meet up with this guy from the past, I don't know that I felt any, we'll see if it'll be another 3 or 4 years until I see him again.

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