Reunion Week Part 2


Part 2
I could anticipate a connection with "Angelo" the Argentinian dude. We had made plans to talk today, and he told me he would be at the gym in the morning, but to give him a call at 1pm. About 1:20pm (I didn't want to seem too anxious) I called and left him a message. Then, about 1:50 he emails me that he's on his way home and will call me when he gets there to see if his place is available.

The last times I hung with this dude, we really connected. He's totally ripped, very passionate from what I remember, straight acting, and was into me, even though I was older (he's 25 now). So, I was hoping something could come of this.

Anyway, his place wasn't available, so I agreed to go get a room and meet him at a nearby motel. I pay for the room, and hit the room, and leave the door open behind me while I adjust the air conditioning. Soon, he's opening the door, decked out in his T-shirt, cargo shorts and sun glasses. He's sweating from the unusually warm day and plops himself down on the small, but adequate, full sized bed as he empties his, watch keys on the nightstand.  I lay next to him and we chat for a's been 4 years we figured..since our last meeting. Angelo remembers I had a boyfriend (Ross) and was just out of that relationship.

He tells me that he was dating this girl, actually, a few girls for a while. That one girl in particular, he had been dating for 9 months or so, when things ended, and that's when he emailed me. Through the years, he had met with maybe 2 being a gym buddy that he had been having sex with over a period of time.

He rips off his T-shirt, still dripping with sweat, he wipes his brow with his shirt. I look as his ripped and rippled abs glisten. I tell him I have very little time before my 3:30pm appointment and he says "So what are you still doing dressed?

Tomorrow: more!

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