Great Expectations


I'm a lucky guy.

I'm a mid forty (OK late 40's) guy. Yet, I've been lucky enough to meet up, make friends, make out and have sex with some of the hottest guys that you've ever seen.  Why? I have no idea. Maybe I'm persistent, although I don't "chicken hawk" - I have limited my profile views on Grindr to ages 26-40, don't normally pursue guys who are younger than 26 or so on any other sites. Yet, young guys, I guess guys who are into older men, are drawn to me.

Maybe it's because I work out..I take real good care of myself. I'm tan, good looking..bla bla bla..I mean..I am..although the years definitely have taken its toll..I for sure used to be better looking. Again, I consider myself lucky.

I'm on Manhunt..and I get a smile from someone who is 22 years old. Unusual, but, I smile back and send an email saying basically "What's up?"  That was it..the next day, the same guy responds asking for me to unlock my pics, which I do. He tells me I'm hot..and do I have any others which I send him when he gives me his AIM screen name.

We chat..he lives 20 minutes from me. He's 5'8", white, very cute, very tan, and lean as hell with a very visible 6 pack from his pics. We chat a little more..and he asks how long it would take for me to get to his place...we work out the specifics and he invites me over.

As I pull up in front of his house, I give him a call and he says "Bad news" (Oh shit! I'm thinking..blow off!) "My room mate just called" (Damn!) "and he's on his way back" (Fuck, fuck fuck!). "So  we only have like 45 minutes" (phew!)

"Hey 45 minutes..that's better than no time." I tell him.
He answers his front door and he is..incredibly cute. Dimples, tan, dark hair..shorter than me..definite frat/A&F boy..freaking amazingly cute..but I was only beginning.

I follow him to his bedroom. Apparently he just moved here, while he looks for a job, just graduated (an nice Ivy League School). He says again, we don't have much time, and he gives me a great kiss and our tongues touch.

He takes off his T-shirt and reveals his ripped abs..his tight, tan torso. Damn..he's h-h-hot..I hope I can get it up for this dude!

I take off my shirt and both of us remove our pants as we're making out. We lay down on his bed, still kissing. I run my hands down his chest..down the ripples of his stomach to his underwear and his now rising cock.

"It's a big cock" he says.
I laugh..he's a little  full of himself I think. "Oh yea? Is it?"
"Yup" he says.

I feel his cock through his underwear, and yea, it feels ample...I pull down his underwear and take his big cock out..and it is big, although not the biggest I've was pretty big..and pretty thick from the shaft all the way up to the a consistent thickness. Nice, hot cock. He was right.

He takes off my underwear and we're jerking each other off.

"You like asses?" he asks.
God..I don't think I can take this, I'm thinking..I knew this guy's ass was gonna be hot..I knew it from when I entered his door..I knew it when I brushed against it when we kissed standing, I knew it when I removed his underwear ..I fucking knew it!

He turns over and shows me..and I was not disappointed. He had a very hot, tiny, tight ass...lightly brushed with very little hair. Steaming hot, hot ass. He was right again. Damn! This guy is full of himself..with reason.

" Do you bottom?" I ask.
"I've dabbled with bottoming...but, I'm a top." he says.
"Well, we're gonna have to dabble a little maybe one day" I laugh.

He bends down to suck my cock and places his ass near my head..not close enough for me to suck him..not turned enough for me to rim him (wasn't gonna do that anyway) just close enough for me to kiss his side of his ass, and admire it, touch it..fondle it..

I pull him back up to me, and we kiss again.  Then I go down on his thick hot cock, sucking it and getting lots of pre-cum taste from him. We make out some more and change positions a few times, sucking each other some more. I end up straddling his waist, sitting on him, as I'm jerking my cock and he's jerking his..

"You want to shoot on me?" he asks.
"Sure...where do you want it."
"Anywhere" he says.

Well, looks like it's gonna be on his chest, cause I'm real close..I continue jerking off, he's smiling with approval, liking the scene..enjoying seeing me get hot, get closer..start getting verbal..moving, grinding into his cock with my ass as he's jerking off..

"Fuck!" I yell as I start to convulse in pleasure. "Fuuuck!" blowing loads on his neck and chest. He leans down and licks my cock...

I roll over and lay on the bed, exhausted. He continues jerking off.

"Suck on my nipple" he asks.
"Oh, giving me orders now?" I ask with a laugh.

I suck on his little nipple and he pulls me even tighter as he too is getting close to cumming. He erupts with cum all over his chest and we both lay there exhausted.

"'re hot" I if he didn't know.

We clean up and I make my way out before his roommate gets home.

"Dude, anytime you want, you know where to get me" I tell him.

"No problem..hopefully we can do this again." he says.

Fucking egotistical, self-loving, boastful, conceited piece of shit!  He's so full of himself - I hope next time he's full of me.

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