Relief in Sight


Well, I didn't see Trent on Grindr for almost a week. Maybe it was the one opportunity to get someone of his caliber..and he was gone. But then, one night, I saw he was logged on.

"Hey." I started.
"Hey!" he said.
"Was hot the other day" I said, recalling our hot meeting.
"Yea, it sure was. Felt so good!" he says.
"Yea, well, even though we had issues with the supplies" I laugh.
"It all worked out in the end" he said.

He tells me his boyfriend is arriving home again that night. But, he's super horny.

"Can't help ya today" I said. "Maybe this week?"
"Yea, I'm off all week. Definitely!" he says
"Well, maybe I can come by for lunch"
"I'm a terrible cook! You can have me for lunch" he says
"That works!" I agree.

He tells me his boyfriend is 45 years old and they've been together for 2 years. He likes older guys.

That's a relief.


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