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As often happens, I got chatted by a guy who works near me. There's a pretty well known hotel nearby and I've realized that it happens to be a destination for the airlines and their crew. Most, who are from England, seem to be gay and frequent Grindr.

This guy chats me and sends a pic. He's thin..looks very hot, 22 years old, 5'10. He inquires where I am and I tell him I'm driving on my way to work (don't Grind and drive guys). Well, apparently, he's in the same town and here for a short while:

"From England?" I ask.
"Yer" he says (I still don't get that)
"Do you work for an airline?" I ask.
"Yer" he responds.

We exchange some pics and he is hot. His cock, although he says he's uncut, looks cut when hard..

"I'd love to meet"  he tells me "..and I will be back in 2 weeks, so we can fuck then" he says.
"Well, I have an appointment with my Accountant and I can probably be there about 11am today" I tell him. "Is that good?"
"Yer" he says.

We chat a brief time more, exchanging some more pics.
"I'm quite covered in tattoos" he tells me.
"Oh yea? Don't see any in the pics" I say
"Well, they're on my legs, back, bum..haven't been able to get at the right angle to photo them."

I head into my meeting, which runs very long..and goes very badly. I mean, going to an Accountant is like going to the Dentist. You know there's going to be pain, you know you'll have to pay, you never know how much and sometimes, you walk out saying, it hurt, it cost a lot, but, I expected worse - I can deal with it.

Well, my finances aside..this didn't go painlessly.. Without going all political on you..I, like every other person on this planet, am not happy that 1/4 of my income or more is going to taxes, a disgustingly obscene amount of taxes which, apparently, together with everyone else's disgustingly obscene amounts, isn't enough to keep us from printing money to pay for wars, bigger government and debt payments. If I ran my business like the US runs the government..I'd be out of business! But..I digress....

I chat "Anderson":

"Sorry, meeting ran long"
"How did it go?" he asks.
"Not well..." I tell him.
"OK, well, sorry, you still coming by? Maybe I can help you forget it" he says.
"Yes, that would be great. On my way"

Within 10 minutes I'm there..heading up in the elevator. I head down the long hallway to his room and knock on the door. And he opens.

Anderson is wearing a pair of long sweat shorts, kinda like A&F type shorts. No shirt, and clearly, no underwear. We shake hands and he tells me to come in.

His room is freezing. I'm shivering as he lays on his king sized bed.  He adjusts the A/C for me and we chat a little before he leans in and gives me a kiss. Oh yea..the tats...

When he opened the door, I clearly saw a bar piercing in each nipple and the earrings and lip ring. No tats to speak of on his front, but as he turned and walked I could see a very large tattoo on his back up by his neck to nearly half-way down his back and spreading across his shoulders. A tattoo was also visible poking its way out from his ass and he had a few more large ones on his legs. But, this was only the beginning.

He returns from the A/C and we continue to kiss - I notice a tongue piercing. He has a very smooth tight body, very lean. Hot..we're making out and I remove my shirt as he undoes my belt and I take off my pants. He removes his shorts and I remove my underwear.

I can now clearly see he has 3 hoop ring piercings on his balls..and the tattoo on his ass cheek is also now in the open.  Despite all this"bling" - this is one hot guy, a nice guy, and seems to be a down to earth, normal, drug free bloke.

He sucks on my cock and balls and I suck on his cock..noticing the little extra skin that has almost disappeared. I'm squeezing his ass..and I'd love to fuck him..but, I can wait two weeks..that's cool.

We totally make out for a while, eventually laying next to each other as we blow our loads, kissing and touching all the time.  After wiping up, we lay in bed, me face up, and him face down, laying with my arm under him.

"Well, let me know if you want to meet in two weeks" he says.
"Definitely do...chat me up." I tell him. "Oh..you want to?" he asks..



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