Well Lubricated


I had an appointment in the city for work and being that I hadn't gotten off in basically 6 days I was horny. I checked out Craigslist and found nothing..I'm finding CL is mostly fake ads, guys who are just collecting pics, or spammers.

I log onto Grindr on my drive to the city and as I'm about to hop on a subway, I get a text from some guy without a pic...usually a bad sign.  Not this time.

He sends a face pic pretty quickly, and he looks younger..and cute. I ask what he's looking for an he says "a top." Funny how that works, huh?

"What are you looking for?" he asks.
"A bottom" I respond.
"Yes" he says. "I'm off work today. Around all day"
"Well, I'm on my way to the city, but I'll be back in a few hours. Will that work?"
"Sure, get in touch" he says.

He sends a few more pics..and he's very lean, very tall and very, very cute. I'm excited on my way to my appointment.

I hit the steamy subway, working up a sweat as I exit and walk the way to my appointment on this unusually warm day.  I get there, they don't have air conditioning, but I do my thing, and I'm done rather quickly and leave for my walk back to the subway. I text "Trent" that I'm heading back and should be near there around 2pm. "Great' he says.

Now, while I don't have reason, I am a little suspicious. I've been burned a few times before..with guys who say they want to meet and flake out or guys who are just playing games. The fact that this 24 year old texted me (I've set my Grindr not to see anyone below the age of 27 so to avoid the temptation of chicken hawking these young guys) was also kinda suspicious.

Anyway, back underground, I'm getting pretty sweaty..and I'm not happy that I may be meeting someone who is gonna see me all messed up. I exit the subway and text Trent who gives me his address and I'm on my way.

I get to his apartment house and find out it's a walk-up - i.e., no elevator (Ugh! - I'm not sweaty enough?!). I head to the 4th floor and buzz his door, expecting some big fat man to answer, or some old little lady, or some tattooed....

"Hi!" Trent says as he opens the door.
He's dressed in a cut off A&F T shirt..with Blue A&F Sweats and bare feet. I am not disappointed...

"Hey!" I say as I walk in and we shake hands.

We make some small talk and then there's the uncomfortable silence as we are both waiting for the next, inevitable step. He walks over to me and kisses me and I respond. Our tongues engage and he rubs my crotch through my pants. I'm feeling his hot little ass through those sweats as he unbuckles my pants and sits while he takes my cock in his mouth.
I take off that A&F shirt and take off my pants and underwear, and he takes off his sweats. We're naked..and I'm very happy with what I am seeing.

Trent is totally a hottie. Smooth, extremely lean..a hot big cock and an incredible ass. He's sucking, we're kissing, making out, and he turns around to show me his ass and I grind my hard cock into it...wondering where the condom is as I look around the room.

He takes a towel off a table and puts it on the couch (huh? no bedroom? I'm wondering?) and beneath there are a few condoms and a small bottle of lube. I take a condom and attempt to roll it on my cock...and ..its...not...going on!

He chuckles as we're fumbling with the condom and lube. Eventually, I take whatever I got on and rip it off to start again with a new condom. I look at the packaging and they are unlubricated condoms..guess that's what's making it so hard to roll..they...just..seem..to be small! (never had that problem before!). We're now laughing as we're both obviously ready to go, but can't get the fucking condom on!

Try #3, I take a condom with my now slippery hands from the lube and try opening it..which..I...fucking..can't! I take the towel and wipe my hands, open the condom and drip the lube into the condom (I'm gonna get this condom on by hook-or-by-crook!). I take the lubed condom and begin rolling it on my cock. Finally! Let's get down to business.

We kiss and Trent bends over. I take my cock and put it on his awaiting asshole..and....push..and ..push..he guides me with his hand..and...laughing again - it's not going in!

He turns over and lays down on the couch and puts his legs up.I lay on top of him and he again..tries to guide me...and I push..and...FUCK! Still no luck!

I take the lube, pour it on my hand..and rub my condomed cock and finger his ass. I pull him up and push him around to again, have him bending in front of me. I take my slippery cock and put it on his slippery hole and..BAM! Finally! I'm In and he turns to look at me and smiles.

I hold still waiting for him to get comfortable with my cock inside him. He pushes against me and I withdraw a little and push in. He responds and we fuck. He's hot..I'm sweating. He's really, very tall..very lean..and has a hot body. I love looking at him as I'm fucking his ass...I'm dripping with sweat!  Doesn't anyone have decent air conditioning?!

Eventually, I'm getting close to cumming and apparently, so is he. I take my cock out of his ass, rip off the condom as he says "Yes, cum on my back" and I do..shooting my big load on his ass, and up his back as he blows his in the towel beneath him.

He grabs us a towel and I hit the bathroom to wash up. I ask if he lives alone and he tells me he lives with his boyfriend who is out of town. (Ah! That's why we didn't use the bedroom!). I tell him next time he's off for the day and his boyfriend is not around, I'd love to hang out again.

Back out the door. Damn these stairs!


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