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I know..I deserve it..well, maybe partially.

It's easy to criticize me..when I say my wife needs to lose weight I get "well, you're fucking guys!" When I say she spends too much money, or is stealing money behind my back, I get "I deserve it for what I'm doing to her." You guys know the secret...you know what I'm doing behind her back, in private. But, my complaints are not unusual...

Lots of married guys talk about how their wives have little interest in sex. That they lack the passion or desire that they had when they were dating. How their wives don't blow them. If you're married..I'm sure you've heard the jokes. So, my complaints aren't out of the ordinary.

Most of my friends and I talk about some of the money issues that we have. Like I said yesterday, most of my friends have secret second personal bank accounts because they are sick of inequality of having to share their entire income with their spouses, while anything the wives earn if off limits. One such friend has even squirreled away money in anticipation of a possible divorce. Hmm..I guess I'm not that much different, complaining about my wives financial dealings.

If you look at the over 40 crowd of friends I have, all their wives, except maybe one, is out of shape, with some being borderline obese. The guys? Almost all of them work out and most are pretty careful about what they eat. The girls? I think they're complaining about how hard it is for women to lose weight..but, I can't hear them because their mouths are full of their second helping of ice cream. Pass the Diet Coke please?

Yes, I can almost guarantee that I'm the only husband of the crowd that has had a dick in his mouth - but I seriously doubt I am the only one who's strayed on their wives. And again, I don't think the percentages are much different in any marriage.

I'm really no different than most guys - most married guys at least. They all have the same complaints, lack of sex, money issues, and women who are out of shape. I know there are those marriages that are simply Alice in Wonderland perfect..but..Camon! I must have lots of married readers..let's hear from you! I have to get some support here.

Really...honestly? You want to know the truth? My marriage is damn near perfect. My wife is amazing...she's an incredible mother, a great friend. My family loves her. She's dedicated,  not only to our family, but more importantly, my kids. I couldn't have chosen a better partner. Are there issues? Absolutely..just like any marriage. Sex? Sucks - yes, it's partially my fault..but, it really began with her losing interest. When that happened, it pushed me more towards guys..maybe where I'd end up eventually anyway without the push. Money? They don't call it the root of all evil for nothing. But, my wife spends less and is a better bargain shopper than anyone I know. But, that doesn't mean that there's isn't an inherent difference between what a man deems as necessities and what a women deems as necessities.

Despite what you may think, I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on motel rooms, masseurs and escorts. I spend less on personal items than what most spend on lunch for a week.

The only difference is that you know the background. You know I'm cheating on my wife - with other men. You know that I haven't been faithful to my family. You're all disgusted by my actions..I deserve the harshest of criticisms. But, I still am entitled to talk about the same issues that plague marriages, no? I'm still entitled to be pissed about my wife's health, lack of interest in sex or money problems, aren't I - or am I not entitled to my opinion just because I've violated my marriage vows? Does that apply to my political thoughts too? "Ecch, that BLM, he can't be "pro-choice" if he's cheating on his wife." I guess I shouldn't plan on voting in the upcoming election..after all I'm not entitled to my opinion since I'm a lousy husband.

I disagree. I'm entitled to my views despite what I'm doing. They're the things that go on in every marriage..they're the important issues that all married couples struggle and deal with. When I write about them here, I'm trying to share that aspect of my marriage with you..and I'm sure I'm not alone.

I'm just like all married guys.
Except I love cock too.

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