After we couldn't meet last week, Jones and I did make arrangements to hang together briefly this week. I had appointments and I was driving around, and he suggested I come by for a half hour or so.

I made one stop: for that lube that caused us not to be able to meet last time. I bought it and was on my way. I get there and he's still dripping wet from the shower. He leads me to his bedroom and immediately gets on his knees. He unbuckles my pants, and pulls off my underwear and puts my soft cock in his mouth.

Soon, I'm hard and being that we had little time, I wanted to get use out of my recent purchase. I stand him up, suck his cock as I push him on the bed. I give his ass a gentle squeeze and he gets a condom, puts it on me and rolls over on all fours. I get some lube, lube up his ass, and my cock and place it at the threshold of his waiting asshole.  I lean over as I'm kissing his back, neck and get close to his ear and whisper "hot ass" as I place pressure and then allow him to further my cock in his ass.

It was..frankly..one of my best works. lol..Really..I think I'm getting a knack for this. We stayed there for a few minutes..him pushing against me and me grinding my cock into his ass, but not withdrawing. Once I saw he was sufficiently comfortable I withdraw a little, and then re-entered and continued my grinding action. Short thrusts became longer..longer thrusts became more firm and then firm became downright sweaty.  Soon, I was blowing my load as he was trying to get his lips over my spewing cock.  I saw quite a lot of my first cum spurt miss his waiting mouth, but then he was sucking me as he stroked himself to climax (as he enjoys to do).

The meetings between Jones and I are purely sex. There's little talk, little bonding.  It's totally different than Ross..a lot different than some of the other guys who I seem to bond more with (Kevin, etc.).  He's a quiet person, and we seem almost uncomfortable with the silence of "goodbyes" when we part after a hot session.

But when he's bent over and I'm fucking him..it's a perfect match.

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