Doctor, Doctor!


I had been emailing this guy for about a week. Back and forth. I initially emailed him because he had advertised on CL that he was giving free massages. He says he is a hot, masculine,  normal and discrete dude who is looking to give a great free massage to a hot, masculine, muscular, straight guy. He prefers someone who is married and he can host - hey! match made in heaven, don't you think?!  Only problem is that he is located in the city, someplace I rarely get to.

As it turns out, this week, I had a work apportionment in the city, so I emailed him to see his availability. Since he works, he didn't get home until about 5:30pm and the timing just didn't seem to work out, until my appointment got moved, and delayed. About 4:30 I email him and he says he's available. Great!

I make my way to his apartment, a train ride away. I get out and email him..still not having his address and I wait. No response..another I grab a cup of soup and think, well, I'll eat my soup and head back to the subway. Then, I get his email -with address. I take my soup to go and head to his apartment.

He opens the door and he defintiely is what he described. He's 28, probably about 6'1, maybe 6'2". Little bit of a scruffy growth on his face. I put my soup on the counter and we make some small talk before heading to his bedroom. He's chatty - quite chatty and I think it had something to do with being nervous.

I strip down and lay on his bed. He lowers the lights, puts on some music and continues his chat.

He explains how he moved to the city a few years ago. He's a doctor, interning at a local hospital and from the sounds of it, has a promising and potentially affluent career. He's out to only a few of his friends, not family. He's definitely'd most likely find him hanging with his drinking buddies than at the theater.

He's quite good at the massage..better than most I've paid for. He's got a firm hand..and that's something I like.  He's quite normal..especially by Craigslist standards. He's a guy that I could see dating..although I know that's not happening...but he's my type.

He tells me to turn over so he can work my front. I flip and he's still fully clothed in his t shirt and shorts. I tell him that he's quite overdressed and he removes his shirt, showing me the smooth taut body. Nice chest and nipples. He's no ripped 6-packer...but, he's toned and nicely put together. I rub his chest and encourage him to take off his shorts as his touches are now concentrating on my cock and I start getting aroused.

His cock is nice..small by comparison to me (I'm not a size queen!), but, cut, clean and nice smooth balls. He goes down on me, sucks my cock, starts licking my balls and as I spread my legs just a little he takes my legs and places them near his shoulders to get better access. I'm thinking he's headed to my hole..and he comes darn close until I pull him up to me.  Our lips meet for the first time.

He's a good kisser..uh, not great. Something about kissing a black hole. He kisses, we part tongue enters..and it's like..searching around for his Funny..but, he does's just that I guess that's the way he kisses. Camon guy! Gimme some tongue!

Well, i push him back and suck his cock and lick his nice smooth balls. After some more kissing and making out and touching, he again goes down on me and me again on him. Eventually, he's laying next to me and we've got our legs over each other and we're jerking off. I blow my load on my chest as he watches wide-eyed. He's jerking, but then says.."I'm no-where near close."

"No? Jeez. Guess I was too fast." I say as we both laugh.
"Nah..I just take a while. It's cool."

We clean up and chat some more. I make my way to the soup I left on his counter and now famished, open the bag. I'm eating my seafood bisque and offer him a taste. He turns, grabs a spoon and tries it.

"It's good!" he says.
"Yea, good thing you took another spoon. You wouldn't want my cooties after having my cock in your mouth!" I joke.

He offers me another massage any time I'm in the city..and I might just take him up on it.


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