Plumbers Crack


I left work mid-day to head home when I got the call that my new TV was being delivered. I got there just in time, as I saw the truck pull in front on my house.  It was about time I got rid of the 26" 20 year old unit and upgraded to a nice 40" flat screen in my room.

I hurried in and opened the door just as the installer rang.

"Hey" he said. He was tall, bearded, with a arm sleeve tattoo and about 26-28 years old. Built and hot.

"Uh, hi" I said. "Just got here..come in." I opened the door a bit wider as he stepped into my foyer. For a second we looked at each mind wandering..and him wondering.

He awakened my mind: "Show me where the TV's going." he said..and I sprang back to reality..waiving him up to my bedroom, thinking to myself that this was a convenient place to be bringing such a hot man.

"It goes here" as I pointed to the wall.
" partner will bring in the tools and I'll start moving some stuff around." he said.

Soon, his partner came in..and he was equally hot..with more tats than him. He had two arm sleeves. I stood there watching as they moved in the new TV, took out the old and bent and moved around to install the wiring and cables to get my TV working.

As #1 man knelt, I could see his butt crack..and imagined his pants suddenly around his ankles..or maybe he would turn..see me looking and give me a sly smile..a wink...

They quickly installed the appliance..had me sign a receipt and was soon on their way.

I think it's time to order some stereo equipment....

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