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Are you gay? Well, maybe I shouldn't ask that..but, do you act gay? Most of us bi guys, or guys in general prefer that they act "masculine."  After all, those that are clearly effeminate have been vilified by the straight community for decades (and some in the gay community as well).  So, here's a test that will determine if you're more of a "6" on the Kinsey scale than a "0".  Feel free to print out, take test and score (all for fun).

  1.  When you hug your male friends, you

  2. Guys that have small dogs (not puppies, small dogs) are:

  3. Look in your pants, what do you see?

  4. Bed and Breakfasts are:

  5. Look at your driver's license picture, how do you look?

  6. At the gym, you mostly:

  7. Whether you're gay or not depends on your gender identity. What's yours?

    1. In the past week, which of these things have you shaved?

    2. A little fruit is:

    3. Who should have won the best actress Oscar in 2006?

    4. Who is Jack Spade?

    5. The reading material in your bathroom is:

    6. Project Runway is:

    7. What do most of your dates look like?

      1. Which of these jobs sounds closest to what you want?

      2. The dress code at your favorite bar is:

      3. Complete this sentence: "I will get married _____."

      4. Quick, name a Spice Girl:

      5. Your socks usually

        Stupid, I know..but good for a couple of laughs.  But, seriously..shaving your body, being fashion conscious, in shape, and knowledgeable about musicals doesn't make you gay.

        Having a dick in your mouth or ass?  That's gay!


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