Being Green


I was talking to a gay guy online. He knows I'm married...he understands that I have to keep things secretive. He's sympathetic to the strife..the conflict that is my life.

"It's not easy" he says.
"No it's not. But, it's not easy being gay either." I say.

He's confused..

"Yes, it is" he says.
"Well, nobody ever has to come out as straight." I tell him. "You're different. Being different isn't easy."

You'd think a gay guy would understand this. Apparently, he has a great family, supportive friends, and wonderful co-workers. But is it that easy to be gay?

Growing up, everyone assumes, for the most part, that you're straight. As you reach adolescence, some people are labeled as gay just because of the way they act or the way they distinguish themselves. The others? They still are assumed to be straight. Nobody ever has to "come out" and say, "Listen guys, It's time I tell you. I'm straight."

That must be hard. Telling people you're different. That you're not the "norm". That you're not what 95% of the world is. You're that 5%. Nobody wants to be different, odd, they?

It takes guts, it takes confidence, commitment. You'd think a gay guy would understand that.


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