Star 6: Disappointing


Well, I finally met up with Star 6 from Grindr. We were planning on meeting on a Thursday, he had off on those days. The first Thursday, work kept me occupied, so we weren't able to meet. We had again planned for the following Thursday. But, work happen to bring me into his neighborhood.

Some background: He emails me on occasion. Really nice..always polite. How my day is..what's going on. How the weekend was...looking forward to meeting. He's Asian.. says he's 41, and works in a gym. He doesn't have many pics - just a chest pic and 1 naked side pic but - he works in a gym! How bad can he be?!

When I logged on Grindr that day, he popped up with a message. Funny, he just happen to be off work that unscheduled day off.

"Lucky you" I said.
"Yea, be luckier if you could come by. You're so close!"
"Well, I may be able to. How's about 12?" I said.
 "That works!"

After my appointment I called him. He gives me his address and I'm there in about 15 minutes. I walk up to his apartment and he opens the door.  This guy..doesn't exactly look like a gym person..I mean, he has clothes on..he looks stocky, but, it could be muscle.  He's also scruffy..little beard scruff - not Ryan Seacrest scruff, not Brad Pitt scruff, not even Ryan Gosling scruff. And believe me, I would have settled for any of those.

No, this guy was like..messy hair, too lazy to shave scruff. And as Asian guys go..he obviously doesn't have the greatest of facial hair. So it's not even..wasn't attractive. But, how do you leave when someone is inviting you in.

"Thanks for coming" he says as he motions me to the couch.
He takes my coat from me as I was about to place it next to me and disappears with it, going down the hallway to hang it in the closet. Dammit! So much for a quick escape. Shit! also left my cell phone in the pocket. Now I can't use "the important email" excuse!

"Yea, worked out well" I lie. "But, I have to get back to work shortly." I lie again..setting the groundwork for a reason to leave.

He sits next to me on the couch and we chat some more. After a few minutes he leans in and kisses me..tongue and all.

"There, now you don't have to be so nervous." he says.
"Was I nervous?" I ask..I wasn't nervous..just anxious to figure out how to leave.

He ends up taking off my shirt and I reach under his. Yea, just as I thought..this guy is not a trainer. He's completely smooth..but, he's got quite a bit of excess body fat. He's not obese..not even fat..just soft. And I don't like soft.

He gets on his knees..unbuckles my pants. I pull down his sweats to expose his small cut cock. I'm not a size queen..don't really care..but, it's just adds insult to injury at this point.

He sucks me..then pulls me up..grabs my hand to lead me into he bedroom. Well, this is gonna happen apparently, I might as well close my eyes, let it happen and hurry out.

I get undressed and so does he. Ugh..
He lays on my chest..continues to suck me and then kisses me me too. Ugh..

I'm rubbing his ass..and chest..Ugh..
Think! Think! Ryan Seacrest...Brad Pitt..Ryan Gosling...

He's pretty rough with my equipment..and I take his hands off my balls before they pop..
Sucking me pretty hard..

"I'm gonna cum" I tell him..
and I blow it in his mouth.

He gets up, grabs some tissues and gives me some too. I get up and ask for the bathroom. I go in..wash my mouth out..pee..and return to see him almost dressed.

"Guess you gotta go" he says.
" ya know."

I get dressed, and he shows me to the door.
"So, we still going to do Thursday?" He asks.
"Uh, yea..should be good." I say (lie).

Now I just have to do a leap day..not leap year.

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