Return of the Jedi


After my last hookup, which ended up being literally "shitty", I was a little gun shy at meeting someone again. But, someone on Adam who I had been emailing for quite a long time was available. He's Latino, 24 years old, 6'0", 170 lbs and a bottom. He seems good looking by his pics. He was never available when we chatted previously, but he emails me saying he wanted to meet.

I  drive to his apartment and call him on the way. He's got an accent and seems nice. When I get to his apartment, his door is already open and he's waving me in, and whispers - putting his finger to his lips.

I find out his parents live in the house above and he obviously doesn't want to draw attention to me visiting him. We walk downstairs and into his basement apartment where we undress and make out. He grabs my hand and we walk into his bedroom and I lay down on his bed which is partially covered with a towel.

Eventually, he pulls open a drawer and takes out poppers, a condom and lube. He places the condom on my hard cock and lubes up his ass. Initially, I tried to maneuver him so we'd fuck doggy style, but he asked me to lay down and wanted to ride me with him on top. We were fucking for a little and I tapped his ass and asked if we could change positions (so I can be in a little more control doggy-style). As he pulled out, he gasped..looked down between his legs and immediately scooped up something from my pelvis and wiped his hands on the towel. From the smell I knew what had happened - again.

As he jumped up, so did I and he pulled the towel, blanket, sheets off his bed apologizing profusely. I hit the bathroom, turned on the hot water and washed down. The smell, however, was in my nose and I couldn't get rid of it (you ever get that? I guess I have very sensitive nose, because even the smell from the perfume spritz people at the mall lingers in my nostrils). I return to the bedroom and he also returns from the bathroom. He asks if I just want to jerk off at this point.

I jump on his now bare mattress and begin pumping my cock. After all, I was almost sense in wasting a good hard-on. My breathing is increasing, I guess I'm making those noises - not screaming or anything, but he keeps whispering "quiet quiet" worried that I'm going to be very loud. As I'm just about to cum he covers my mouth and nose and I blow my load (was kinda annoyed by that hand..I mean..seriously..I coulda controlled myself..I didn't need to be asphyxiated).

Anyway, as we cleaned up and got dressed he again apologized for his "mis-hap" but as I left, and drove..I couldn't get the thought or smell out of my head. I don't think a reconnection is in the stars.

May the force be with you my Latino friend!


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