Boy Talk


I was at the gym, after my run, which always makes me..uh..well..I guess the pounding of the aerobic exercise basically cleans my pipes, if you know what I mean. So I head to the bathroom, sit on the bowl..and was doing my deed (sorry guys).

In walks in three guys into the locker room, and I'm listening to their conversation. I hear one guy says something about "Heywoood"

"Heywood who?" says one of the other guys
"Heywood Ja'Blome" says the first, as they all chuckle and leave the locker room after peeing, or changing.

Pretty lame, old joke I think.

Anyway, I finish my business, walk out of the bathroom and into the gym: arm/shoulder day. I see three guys working out together and I'm nearby.  Two of the guys are more built..the short stocky kinda guys. The well, wearing a black wife-beater, red shorts, and is lean, tanned, and fucking hot Italian looking type.

I'm over-hearing some more of their talk.

"...she's bi dude, she likes guys and girls.  And her boyfriend is cool with it" says one.
"I don't care who's she's fucking, as long as I can take part" says another.

Then they see some girl walk older woman I should say, but she's tall, blond, and I know her, she runs marathons.  They look at her as she walks away from them..

"I gotta eat that ass" says one.
"Eww.." says hottie Italian guy.
"Hey, you don't do that?" asks the first guy.  "That's why you don't get no pussy!" he jokes and they all laugh.

I don't know, I guess it's pretty normal talk between men, boys, friends etc. But, any conversation I ever had with my friends when I was in high school or college, I know was based on me being horny, and wondering if I could get some interest from some of my friends.

Heywood Ja'Blowme? Absolutely! would be my answer.

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